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Advanced Custom

Give your server more power by adding unique commands that can carry out tasks automatically, simplify role management, and send pre-written messages. Gervase gives you the ability to write customized commands that meet the specific requirements of your server. Leverage Gervase's customizable command system to improve user experience, save time, and unleash the potential of your server. It's the ideal method for customizing your Discord. Strong bots, such as Gervase, can be intimidating at first!

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Make Moderation Easier With
Gervase Ticketing Feature

You can handle and expedite user requests, questions, and support tickets in your Discord server with the Gervase bot ticketing plugin. These plugins assist moderators in setting up a specific ticketing system where users can conveniently submit their queries or problems. Users can open tickets by responding to messages or sending commands when they need assistance. The plugin creates a user-only private channel, or thread, and designates it to the relevant mod. Gervase will help maintain an organized moderation workflow, speed up response times, and boost user satisfaction.

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Fun Leveling and
XP System

By using our text-based leveling system, which is intended to identify and honor your most engaged members, you may increase the activity level of your server. Yes, it's as if you're integrating a game within the Discord chat client. Gervase allows you to set up roles and channels with exclusive access, giving users who participate in talks on a regular basis extra rights. You can encourage more conversation among your members and create a livelier server community. As users go through the entertaining levels system, encourage involvement, start discussions, and give them a feeling of accomplishment.

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Gervase Image and Text

Gervase empowers you to tap into the power of AI within Discord! This innovative bot generates both captivating images and creative text content, fueling your imagination and bringing your ideas to life. Whether you need a visual spark for your D&D campaign or assistance crafting compelling narratives, Gervase offers a unique blend of AI-powered image and text generation to supercharge your creativity.

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